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Rug Glossary of Terms: R

  • Resilience
    The way rug pile regains its original thickness after having been subjected to compression.
  • Rollakans
    Flat woven rugs designed in Sweden and produced in Portugal, rollakans original purpose was for the walls of Scandinavian cabins to prevent the wind from blowing between the logs.
  • Re-fringe
    Renovating the fringe of the rug.
  • Rhubarb
    A plant of the Rheum family, which have edible long, green or reddish, stalks. Copper reds or yellow dyes are derived from rhubarb.
  • Romania
    A country in Eastern Europe, capital—Bucharest. Carpet industry in Romania is rather considerable, and traces back as far as 16th century.
  • Rosette
    A design that resembles a round flower.
  • Rug Pad
    Also referred to as “cushion” or “underlay,” a rug pad is any type of material placed under a rug for softness and additional support. Carpets usually gain a longer life wear if a rug pad is placed underneath.
  • Runner
    Also referred to as “corridor rugs,” runners are long and narrow rugs, between 2.5 and 3 feet wide and 6 to 20 + feet long. They are used as carpets for hallways, stairways, an entrances.

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