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Rug Glossary of Terms: F

  • Fabricated (Inlaid) Rugs
    Tufted broadloom carpet which is cut and inlaid on a patterned form to create a customized rug.
  • Fars
    A region in southwestern Iran, main city – Shiraz. This area is known for exceptional tribal rugs, woven on wool foundation and made on horizontal village looms.
  • Faux Silk
    Silk imitation, usually made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester, or cellulose fiber such as viscose/rayon.
  • Ferahan carpets
    An area in western Iran. This area is famous for late 19th century rugs with cotton foundation and pink or blue wefts. Popular designs are Herati, Mina Khani and Gol Hinnai.
  • Field
    The central part of an area rug surrounded by the border, and containing central motifs.
  • Fine
    Fine rugs are those in excellent shape without tears or previous repair. Since most handmade rugs are very durable, they are considered to be in fine condition.
  • Flat Weave rugs
    Weaving in such a way that no knots are required. The weft strands are passed through the warp strands. Good examples of flat woven rugs are Kilims, Shurries, and the original Aubusson.
  • Flattening
    Carpets with pile flatten due to heavy traffic. Cleaning and vacuuming can restore the height of the pile.
  • Flokati
    Traditional Greek rugs woven from sheep’s wool, Flokati rugs can weight from 1400 grams to 4000 grams. The higher the gram count, the more expensive the rug will be.
  • Foundation
    The basic structural components of handmade rugs, which consist of Warps and Wefts.
  • Foot
    A unit of length. One foot is equal to 12 inches or approximately 30 centimeters. Foot and inch are the measurements used in the United States and England for measuring the length and width of rugs.
  • France
    A country in Western Europe, Capital – Paris. Even though France was a chief rug production country in the 17th and 18th centuries, presently, the rug production is not significant. However, French designs such as Savonnerie and Aubusson are still heavily imitated by China, India, and Pakistan.
  • Fringe
    Warp threads that extend beyond the end of the rug.

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