Restoring Your Oriental Area Rug Treasure

Get Great Value from Your Oriental Rugs

Enjoy affordable Oriental rug cleaning service in Greenwood. Our professional team of seasoned experts will help you get far more value from your rugs. We are passionate about our services and continue to work hard to delivery only the very best service available today. Tips on taking care of your Oriental rugs If you wonder how you can take care of your Oriental rugs, then consider these tips: ·       Don’t let moths damage your rugs: Moths can do some pretty heavy damage to Oriental rugs, resulting in holes and chunks missing from the weave. Keep them at bay by vacuuming your rug twice weekly. Moth balls and other deterrents are not effective in keeping them away from rugs. ·       Keep your rug away from water: When it comes to cleaning, you should always send your rug out for professional Oriental rug cleaning. Don’t attempt to clean it yourself, as these rugs are susceptible to water damage. Make sure that when mopping around the area where your rug is situated, to gently move it out of the way. And remember to ever pull it by the tassels as this will put strain on them. ·       Damage from pets: As much as possible, make sure dogs and cats are kept off your rug. Not only do dogs like to chew the corners of rugs, but pets sometimes have a tendency to urinate indoors, which is unsightly, unhygienic, and smells awful. ·       Get your rug professionally cleaned and repaired: Vacuuming regularly does help, but every so often you need a deep clean of your rug by the professionals. Make sure you send your rug to a trusted Oriental rug cleaner. A proper Oriental rug cleaning service will collect your rug and clean it at their facility. These can’t be cleaned on-site. If you are in search of a reliable Oriental rug cleaning service you can trust, then contact Heirloom Rug Cleaning. We also specialize in affordable rug padding, stain removal and repairs, to name a few.