Restoring Your Oriental Area Rug Treasure

Can A Dry Cleaner Properly Clean An Oriental or Specialty Rug?

Dry cleaning methods do not include using water of any kind to rinse or wash your Oriental and specialty rugs. Dry chemicals are applied to the surface of the rug where they remain and form a residue. This residue will attract dust and dirt making the “cleaning” irrelevant. Further, whether the chemicals sit on the surface or go deep within the pile, they will contribute to poor indoor air quality in your home. Any pets or children who play on the rug will be exposed to the toxic chemicals. screen shot 2016-07-13 at 8.55.10 am For a rug to be thoroughly cleaned, it must be done by a professional rug cleaning company to keep your family healthy and to protect your investment. If your dry cleaner has a referral program with the local rug cleaning company, you can also ensure your rug is getting cleaned properly. To learn more about Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning‘s rug cleaning process, click here.